Alzheimers and Dementia

I am so grateful to Dr. Alan MacDonald who has worked so hard to help us better understand Borrelia.

Dr. MacDonald is a  pathologist who has been contributing to Lyme Disease reasearch for over 30 years. He has been studying  brain samples of those who had been diagosed with Alzheimers. Dr. MacDonald found that 70% of the Alzheimer brains had a Borrelia infection. 

Dr. MacDonald belives that Alzheimers is an infection.

There is a must see Part 3 video series where the brillant Dr. MacDonald teaches us about the Borrelia organism:

Dr. MacDonald has done groundbreaking research, once again, and has found the presence of Borrelia bacteria dwelling inside of nemotode worms inside of brain of people who had serious neurological conditions  ~ Here is a video of him speaking about this

In his career Dr. MacDonald has helped us understand the passage of Borrelia from mother to child. Borrelia's role in interstitial cystitis and uterine infections and he documented the first case of temporal arteritis associated with the Borrelia infection. (to name a few...)

You can see many more of his videos here

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