Andrenal Fatigue

As Lyme Disease creates systemic inflammation in the body. It can become difficult for the small glands in the body to function properly. This is true for the adrenals, hypothalamus, pineal gland, the thyroid, etc.

It is stressful to be sick, to not know what is causing your ailments, to wonder if you can work or pay the bills this month. It is frightening to not know if you’ll ever get better or if the pain will ever stop. Not only is chronic inflammation effecting the adrenals, the stress of being chronically ill taxes the adrenals.

Sometimes it’s so hard to be positive in the face of challenge, but taking time to focus on gratitude, breathing, resting and making your life as stress free as possible alongside adrenal nourishment can really help you to get better. 💚

Connie Strasheim’s view on Lyme & Adrenals

Jenny Lelwica Buttaccio helpful hints on nourishing the adrenals

Dr. Lam’s view on Lyme & adrenal fatigue

Greg Lee’s tips for helping the adrenals

Dr. Josh Axe’s nutritional tips for supporting the adrenals

I like to supplement adrenals with herbs such as; Holy Basil (Tulsi), Milky Oats, Schisandra, Ashawaganda, Rhodolia, Nettle seed, etc

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