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Lyme Disease treatment can get very expensive. Due to the current IDSA & CDC stance on Lyme Disease, insurance companies often won’t cover Lyme treatment beyond a few weeks of antibiotics. Some people are so weak that they cannot tolerate antibiotics. Many Lyme literate physicans have integrative practices and will advise their patients to eat pure organic nutritious food as well as use herbs, nutritional supplements and detox formulas. Many practitioners will want to do DNA testing to see how to best individualize care for their clients. Insurance companies often will not pay for supplements, herbs, DNA testing, and Lyme related lab testing.  We all know that when we are sick it’s hard to work and earn money. Sadly, many folks with Lyme start to have a snowball effect of financial struggles. 

Here is a  list of organizations that can help:


The LymeLight Foundation is an incredible organization that offers financial help to children and young adults up to age 25. You can apply for one of their grants to be used towards treatment.

The LivLyme Foundation  offers grants for treatment for young children through age 21.

The Lyme Disease Association helps fund Lyme Aid for Kids . They offer treatment grants to children as long as they have funding to do so. Check in with them at the beginning of the year.

Oregon Lyme Disease Network  offeres assistance to Oregon, Washington or Idaho residents (Pacific NW USA). They help cover the cost of the initial visit to an ILADS and OLDN approved physician and will help cover costs of testing through IgeneX, MDL or Clongen for children 18 and under. 

United Healthcare Children’s Foundation provides medical grants for children 16 and younger to help children gain access to health-related services not covered by their health insurance plan. 


Fighting Tiger offers financial aid to all ages.

The Glass Ball Foundation helps those living with chronic illness.

Ticked Off Foundation offers treatment grants to all ages and offers discounted Cowden Protocol supplies.

Wellness for Humanity Foundation loans out AMPCoils to families in need for 4 months at no cost.

Return Healthy offers grants for their Foundation Plan (includes 5 core supplements, Lyme disease eLearning course, diet recommendations)

The Lyme Treatment Foundation offers grants for all ages.

Ride Out Lyme offers treatment grants to those 26 and older.

Lyme Warrior offers patient treatment grants when available.


LymeTap is a wonderful organization that helps low income people with reduced rate Lyme testing. They help with IgeneX, Galaxy Labs, DNA Connexions, and others.

Lyme Disease Awareness Foundation helps cover testing costs.

More information on saving money on labs can be found here


Some people  travel for hours or days to get to a Lyme literate doctor.  Not only do people have enormous treatment bills, they also have travel costs. These folks can help with travel:

Patient Airlift Services (PALS) offers free flies from VA to ME to those in need.

Angel Flights

Mercy Flights

More information on help with travel to medical appointments can be found here


Needy Meds

Rx Outreach

Together Rx Access

Reduced rate on the Cowden Protocol at NurtaMedix

Patient Access Network Foundation

GlaxoSmithKline has a Bridges to Access patient assistance program which provides eligible low income patients who do not have prescription drug coverage access to GSK’s non-oncology medicines, including Mepron

Infuserve America has low cost IV meds. Most of their business comes from Lyme patients who are paying out of pocket because insurance has denied their treatment. 1-800-886-9229

Medical Bill Gurus will help you file for reimbursement from your insurance company for Lyme disease treatment costs that you paid out of pocket.  Check out the details on their website.  

Noah Wells of offers FREE CBD oil to those in need

If you are a part of an organization or know of an organization that is helping folks with Lyme overcome financial hardships please contact me and let me know about them.

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