Food Allergies

It is very common for people with tick borne infections to develop food sensitivities and allergies. During Lyme and co-infections the micro-biome of the gut can get disturbed. The body's ph can become more acidic from the infection. Biofilms can form along the lining of the digestive system. The immune system is working overtime. The cell wall defiecent form of Borrelia is able to slip inside the body’s own cells. The immune system, has a hard time distinguishing what is friend and what is foe. This same principle relates to food. 

My son’s immune system was so taxed that he had an immune response to all 32 foods he was tested for. 

Some people will realize that can no longer tolerate gluten or grains. Some can no longer eat dairy and most will feel awful after sugar.

Many people manage Lyme Disease with special diets (found on our treatment page)

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