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Welcome to my herbal blog! 

I wanted to create a blog and show you some steps my family takes to keep the healthiest we can while having Lyme. There are so many amazing plants growing around us. They are at our feet and are free! I am in no way saying that herbs are the only way to treat Lyme. I have had my fair share of heavy antibiotic use, IV therapies, all sorts of supplements, etc. I have tried so many different modalities to try to over come Lyme. Antibiotics have their time and place. I feel there is room for it all. Whatever you can do to get comfortable and live the best life possible while having this infection, do it. 

I am personally choosing the path of herbs and alternative treatments. I felt way sicker on antibiotics and my symptoms got so much worse after being on them. Ozone IVs made me depressed as all get out. I can’t handle pharmaceutical painkillers. They turn me into a drooling zombie. Herbs work for me. It is personal preference. I wish there was one root we could all dig out of the ground and be cured but it’s way more complicated than that.

I’m not trying to kid anyone. This disease is SERIOUS and can drastically alter one’s quality of life. If western medicine helps you then embrace it. I take thyroid medicine and low dose naltrexone everyday. I am so grateful for those prescriptions. They help me with fatigue and inflammation. 

Please understand that there is no one way or one size fits all to Lyme treatment. If what I share in these videos helps you then I am so happy that I could be of service.  If pharmaceuticals give you your quality life back then I’m happy that you’ve found something that works for you!

The one piece of advice that I have for all of us is that we need to find ways to de-stress our lives. This infection is so taxing and stress is the ultimate immune system weakener. 

Do whatever you can do to make your life easier and more joyful. That will be different for everyone. That might mean quiet time, meditation and being in nature for some. Others might love journaling or watching puppies videos or reading fashion magazines. Whatever it is that brings you joy, that you can still do~ Embrace it! Practice it! Cherish it!

At times I have been so bull dozed by this illness that I’ve literally needed to make lists of what I’m grateful for and remember why I wanted to stay alive. Lyme Disease can make you so miserable that you can forget what a gift life is….

 I started off with military style “I’m gonna kill this infection-I want you out of here” mentality but it’s been 11 years since I got sick. I have softened over the years.  I am trying my best to make peace with it now. I am not giving up. I am still researching and learning all I can and continue to strive for balanced health. I have found ways to live the best life possible despite the Lyme but I figure I might as well try to make friends with it. Otherwise, I will spend my life in “battle mode” and that doesn’t feel good. This is my coping mechanism. Maybe you’ll find a better one? Perhaps you’ll fully 100% recover and I will do a happy dance for you! I wish you the absolute best on your healing journey. 

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