Lyme & Pregnancy

We all want our children to be happy and healthy. There is no greater pain than watching our children suffer. Many of us have had our own tragic experience passing Lyme on to our children while doctors and researches say it isn’t so. More and more research is coming to the forefront and confirming congetial Lyme.

The following links will educate you on congetial Lyme transmission. It is real!

LymeHope Presents: Pregnancy & Gestational Lyme Disease with Sue Faber, RN ~ Hands raised  in gratitude to these lovely mamas Sue Faber! and her parnter in truth Jennifer Kravis who are organizing and fighting for the Canadian government to stop ignoring the science.

Here is another link to an interview with Sue Faber: 

Dr. Jones speaks about Pregnancy and Tick-borne Diseases: Gestational Lyme

Dr. Frid speaks of congenital lyme

Dr Steven Phillips and Dana Parish discuss Maternal transmission of tick borne illness:

Dr. Ann Corson’s view on Lyme & Pregnancy

Lyme Hope compiles 32 years of Transplacental Transmission of Lyme Disease Documentation and Research

Dr. Alan MacDonald’s published paper on Gestational Lyme borreliosis. Implications for the fetus. 

Dr. Cameron’s view on Lyme and pregnancy

More Lyme & pregnancy info links:

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