Metal Toxicity 

Lyme Disease is such an intelligent beast. It can shut down the body’s detox pathways, making the body’s environment more hospitable to the replication and thriving of the pathogen. Healthy people can bind and release everyday toxins. When a Lyme infection is present, the body’s ability to detox is compromised. Continuous exposure to metals and environmental toxins leads to a snowball effect which has one feeling awful and hinders the ability to heal. One of the first steps many physicians will take in treating Lyme is removing heavy metal exposure and trying to stimulate detox pathways, through the use of chelation, methylation, herbs etc.  It is of the utmost importance to be working with a health care practitioner when detoxing and chelating heavy metals from the body. It can be extremely toxic and one needs to be monitored.

We are exposed to heavy metals through:
Environmental toxins like smog and pollution
Polluted drinking water
Food grown in toxic soil
Metals used in dentistry
Eating fish from polluted waters
Contaminated beauty and body products (make up, lotions, hair dye, etc)
Clothing dyes
Electronics circuit boards 
Vaccines and flu shots
Dyes in Tattoos
Cigarettes, E-c
igarettes, Vaping, and second hand smoke
Inappropriate cookware
Toys made with lead

Heavy metal levels can be tested from hair, urine or blood samples.

Dr. Jay Davidson has a great article on heavy metals and Lyme.

Some methods for removing metals from the body:

Humic/Fulvic Acid


 Vitality Detox Drops* is a water soluble patent pending zeolite product that claims that it can pull heavy metals and environmental toxins from the body; including the blood brain barrier. (*Disclaimer: if you choose to purchase Vitality Detox Drops  through
the link provided a small portion of your sale goes to help making this educational website possible)

Organic Chlorella

FarInfrared Saunas or mats

Ionic Foot baths

Detoxing herbs like; Milk thistle, Dandelion, Cilantro, Red clover, Nettle, Burbock, Neem, or Ground Ivy (Glechoma hederacea)

DMSA (dimercaptosuccinic acid)

DMPS (dimercaptopropane-1-sulfonic acid)

ALA (alpha lipoic acid) 

EDTA Therapy:

The IAOMT can help you find a biological dentist who can help you safely remove amalgam fillings. The IAOMT also has an impressive YouTube Channel filled with informative videos on health. Here’s one of them:

Speaking of teeth, root canals can cause serious complications in health and Lyme Disease recovery. Many physicians advise removal of root canals.

The brilliant Dr. Jerry Tennant speaks about teeth as circuit breakers:

tootho3 has an interesting read on metals and Lyme

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