Mold Intolerence 

People with Lyme disease often have a hard time releasing toxins from the body because of taxed livers and kidneys. When the immune system is compromised, it has a harder time detoxifying pollutants normally found in the environment like mold, chemicals, smog, etc. On top of our modern environmental load, many chronic lyme sufferers also have DNA gene mutations which makes it even harder to release toxins from the body. Mold toxins that may not have been a problem before one contracted Lyme Disease may become a big problem as the body’s ability to clean up becomes impaired.

Many practitioners advise testing for mold toxicity with a mycotoxin test by Great Plains Laboratory

Surviving Mold has many resources and information about mold toxicity

Here is a link to a Mold intolerence and Lyme article by Scott Forsgren with Neil Nathan, MD, and Wayne Anderson, ND

Better Health Guy (Scott Forsgren) explains the Lyme mold connection & HLA

Dr Jill Carnahan has some information videos about mold on her website

Here’s an article from Brooklyn Hanna, where she explains CIRS/Mold toxicity Lab results

Appalachian Wellness has links to many information articles about the role mold can play in Lyme, CIRS,  and chronic illness,

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