The forms of Lyme

I’ve got  to say I have alot of respect (and disdain) for the Borrelia organism. How wise, tenacious and stubborn it is to survive. It’s rather similar to it’s hosts! (that was meant as a compliment y’all!)

Borrelia is well know for it’s spirochete form, which is often compared to a corkscrew. It screws its way into tissue, organs, fat, and hangs out their feasting off the body.

 It can also change form into a cell wall deficient form. In which it can slip inside your own cells, and folks wonder why “auto immune” conditions occur alongside Lyme diagnosis. 

Borrelia can also shape shift in a cyst form. It can create biolfilm around it so that antibiotics or herbs cannot reach it. 

Lymeology & Lyme Warrior teamed together to explain the shapeshifting forms of Borrelia

Dr. Rath explains the forms of Borelia

Watch a spirochete shape shift into a cyst 

I have no association with the Far Institute but in this video they explain how Borrelia spirochetes can alter their own genome so the host’s immune system cannot recoginize the infection.

Dr. Alan MacDonald explains in detail the shape shifting of Borelia organisms. 


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